Diccon Hart

BA (Hons) Archaeology

Director: Archaeology

I am a field archaeologist with over 25 years of commercial experience. I have spent most of my career working in and around London and the South-East, with occasional early-career forays to more exotic locations in the Middle East. Since 2006 I have been based in Sussex, where most of my work is now focussed.  

I have extensive experience in all aspects of commercial fieldwork, from inception to publication; from carrying out small-scale watching briefs for householders, to directing one of the largest excavations ever carried out in the South-East.  Key projects carried out during the course of my career include the excavation of an extensive medieval and post-medieval cemetery in Chichester, West Sussex, the excavation of an extensive later prehistoric landscape at Peacehaven, East Sussex, and the excavation of Early Neolithic timber trackways at Belmarsh, in Greater London. Most recently, I have been involved in ongoing archaeological investigations at Lewes Castle, following the catastrophic collapse of part of the curtain wall in November 2019. 

Although I continue to work on archaeological sites of all types and date, I have a strong research focus on the later prehistory of lowland Britain, from the Mesolithic/Neolithic transition to the Roman conquest. Current research interests include the role of non-funerary Beaker pit deposition in the origins of permanent land division in lowland Britain; the evolution of later Iron Age settlement in the eastern South Downs, and the origins and function of the later Iron Age hillforts of the Sussex and Kent Weald. 

Neolithic or Early Bronze Age Bowl Barrow, Plumpton Plain